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Dear diary…

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The wolves are guarding the sheep pen

Roman Catholicism is not a Christian denomination, and Protestant apologists of all people should be conversant with the reasons why.

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3 reasons why Christianity + prayer to the saints = pagan polytheism

Unfortunate for Roman Catholic claims about being the One True Church that Christ Founded.

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Was Jesus a guru? (Part 3)

What if his message got lost in transmission?

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Christianity and LGBTQ* is a two-way street

The church continues to respond poorly to LGBTQ* issues, both by failing to love LGBTQ* people rightly, and by failing to interact savvily with secular LGBTQ* activism. But there is plenty of blame to go around.

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Was Jesus a guru? (Part 2)

Is there not some hubris in thinking that, when reading a translation of a text, you have picked up on something which two millennia’s worth of its most adept students failed to notice in the original languages?

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Was the universe made just for us?

Ace apologist Tim McGrew thinks the idea sits awkwardly with Christian theology; I respectfully beg to differ.

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