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Why can’t Christians swear, dammit?

In which I answer a question from an older Christian lady.

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Why Molinist/Arminian intuitions about God and evil must be false

A simple parallel argument to clarify my previous posts.

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Why can’t God interfere with our free will?

After all, we do it all the time.

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The Molinist/Arminian ideal of fatherhood

If God is the “author” of sin under Calvinism, what does that make him under Molinism/Arminianism?

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2 rough alternative arguments that spiritual gifts continue

Independent lines of evidence seem to converge on a continuationist position.

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Infallibility, canon & private judgment

Why appealing to infallible tradition gets you nowhere at all.

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What’s the difference between Sola and Solo Scriptura?

A commenter named John claims that any distinction collapses into a mass of contradictions and special pleading.

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